Getting Started

Not sure where to begin? Here you can access content aggregated for creators working on a new project — or an existing one!

Recommended Tools

Di Franco Media knows what works best. As a matter of fact, everything you see on this website is powered by the exact tools that are recommended. Whether you are new to web hosting or you’re looking for royalty free music to use on a video project, use these tools to create in confidence.

WordPress Hosting

• Domains, websites and more
• Hassle-free WordPress install
• Always-available support

Email Marketing

• Free account for new users
• Professional email templates
• Effective call-to-action features

Affiliate Marketing

• Industry leading affiliate program
• Daily traffic analytics w/ click data
• Easy to get started for new users

Royalty Free Music

• Extensive library of 25,000+ tracks
• Provides music and sound effects
• Excellent for video creators


Have you ever wanted to build a website, but the initial set-up process was just too overwhelming? For a minimal fee, Di Franco Media will handle the backend work for you, leaving you the freedom to do what really matters — get creative. Going the Express Website route is done in three easy steps.


Any information that is relevant to your website will be discussed via a brief email consultation.

Web Hosting

Proper web hosting will be selected and set up based on your website's specific requirements.

Free Support

Even after your website is up and running, Di Franco Media is always available to answer any questions.

Helpful resources

No matter your expertise, everyone can use a bit of extra help. Check out the following featured posts that can assist you in a variety of creative tasks. From building a fully-featured website to starting your first email marketing campaign, Di Franco Media has a vast amount of knowledge to share.